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The Comeback Kid

I’ve been thinking about returning to blogging. Just thinking about it, mind you. After spending over a decade faithfully typing up every nuance of my high school, college, and early employment days on LiveJournal, it’s been hard in the intervening years to find a voice on the internet. I’m past the point of thinking that every tiny detail of my life is interesting, but still hovering in the zone where I have something to¬†say, maybe, probably. Hopefully. And I want to share it.

If I can speak with any authority on anything (and no one can without some keyboard vigilante punching holes in every word they say – such is this beautiful creature of the Internet), it’s on being a geek. A nerd. A dork. A loser. These are titles I claimed before I wanted them, before it was a badge of honor to be classed a “geek.” Truly, this is the renaissance of my people, and unlike those who complain about being geeks before it was cool and, I guess, longing for those halcyon days where everyone laughed and made fun of us, I’m thrilled to be riding the crest of this counterculture tidal wave.

Truly, it’s a bright and shining time.

So if I return to this blog, I’ll probably do so in the form of discussing whatever nerd-topic is fresh in my mind. I don’t claim to be an expert. I’m just an everyday geek living an everyday life, slaying whatever everyday dragons come my way.